NOOBS v2.4.4 update now available for Download by Barend on 2017-09-13

Biggest news on this release is the Raspbian update from Jessie to Stretch. Quoted from The Magpi issue 61 “The major upgrades this time are happening below the surface, so you shouldn’t notice many differences when you’re using the desktop. What you will find is upgraded software, including Chromium, and Bluetooth audio via ALSA, along […]

 MagPi 61: ten amazing Raspberry Pi Zero W projects by Barend on

Issue 61 of your favorite magazine is now available to download 10 Pi Zero W projects you must make The Pi Zero W is a fantastic piece of kit, and The MagPi 61 is packed with ideas to inspire your Pi Zero creativity Plus all this inside The MagPi 61 Arduino and Pi Master this […]

 LibreELEC (Krypton) v8.0.0 RELEASE by Barend on 2017-03-04

Finally….LibreELEC now updated to the newest version of KODI Krypton. by chewitt · Published February 22, 2017 · Updated February 24, 2017 LibreELEC (Krypton) 8.0.0 has arrived after a long gestation period encompassing 10x official alpha and 3x beta releases in addition to 200+ nightly milhouse builds. Based upon Kodi v17.0, our 8.0.0 release contains many […]

 Raspberry Pi now offers free online training courses for educators by Barend on 2017-02-28

PICADEMY now offers free online training courses for educators. The below was found at   Online Training Courses Welcome to our online training homepage. We recently launched a new way for people to learn about computing with the Raspberry Pi Foundation: two free online training courses, available anywhere in the world, to anyone. The courses […]

 NOOBS version 2.2.0 released with recalboxOS-rpi3 included as download by Barend on

Follow this link to download your copy or click on the pic What’s new in NOOBS 2.2.0? We are still testing it to see. There is also no news on We’ll update you during the day with some testing and see if there are any surprises or new features. …………. Firstly we found a […]

 NOOBS version 2.1.0 now including Lakka by Barend on 2016-12-04

The next two paragraphs were copied from The more observant among you may have spotted that we’ve recently updated the Raspbian with PIXEL image available from Downloads. With any major release of the OS, we usually find a few small bugs and other issues as soon as the wider community start using it, and […]

 Cyber Monday by Chris on 2016-11-28

Following up on the success of our Black PiDay we’ve decided to join in on the Cyber Monday fun as well, and re-run our best Black Friday RPi deal, we’ve also snuck in free shipping for all orders (inside of South Africa) over R1000 for today so its the perfect time to grab those goodies you’ve […]

 Black Friday by Chris on 2016-11-25

The famous Black Friday has finally arrived, retailers worldwide are dropping prices and giving consumers much more buying power! PiShop is doing our bit to make sure you can get your goodies ever cheaper than before, we’ve always had the cheapest RPi3 in South Africa but now we’re really looking good! Today, for one day […]

 NOOBS version 2.1.0 now available by Barend on 2016-10-21

Unfortunately the foundation never mentions much about NOOBS updates. We know the previous version of NOOBS already included the newest Raspbian with PIXEL. Apparently there were some bugs needing an update straight after installation. Maybe those bugs are now fixed in this newest version 2.1.0.     Download the newest version and more from the official […]

 Raspbian Jessie with PIXEL by Barend on 2016-10-05

We tested the newest update for Raspbian and must say we like it a lot. More details available on what changed in the article further down posted by Simon Long. All options on our store that included Raspbian and dual boot will now be updated to Raspbian with PIXEL. Some mention was made about issues […]