Issue 63 of The Magpi now available by Barend on 2017-10-31

Yup another great issue available full of exciting projects. This month they feature an article about building your own arcade. You can download your free pdf copy here. Also have a look at our arcade products. You’ll find a full range of items you’ll need to build your own The below is from Build […]

 Solderless solution for Pi Zero header by Barend on 2017-10-05

Please note: we can’t be held responsible for any damage that you may cause to your Pi Zero, pHAT, fingers, or headers while fitting them. If you follow our guide carefully then you should be fine. If this worries you, then get yourself a soldering iron instead! Absolutely no soldering required! All that’s needed is a […]

 LEGO and Raspberry Pi. The MagPi #62 OUT NOW! by Barend on 2017-10-03

Below is an extract from The Magpi Magazine. Our favorite online Raspberry Pi magazine Download your free issue #62 pdf now! Lego and Raspberry Pi This issue’s LEGO and Raspberry Pi feature is spectacular. You will learn how to build LEGO robots that solve Rubik’s Cubes, Segway-style self-balancing robots, and retro NES games consoles; and […]