8-Way joystick by Barend on 2017-01-18

The 8-way joystick



So why 8 way, but only 4 sensors??


To give you a bit of background…

Even though the joystick has only has 4 inputs. It is still referred to as an 8 way joystick, as I will now explain:




If we look at the main inputs that we have, they would be as follows:

  • Way1      up          (North)
  • Way2      right     (East)
  • Way3      down    (South)
  • Way4      left        (West)


But, if you press the joy stick in the direction of  45 degrees in the middle of North and East, you will get your 5th function. called up/right

This will then give you the following:


  • Way1      up
  • Way5      up/right (@ 45 degrees between the two)
  • Way2      right
  • Way6      right/down (@ 45 degrees between the two)
  • Way3      down
  • Way7      down/left (@ 45 degrees between the two)
  • Way4      left
  • Way8      left/up  (@ 45 degrees between the two)







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