NOOBS version 2.1.0 now including Lakka by Barend on 2016-12-04


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The more observant among you may have spotted that we’ve recently updated the Raspbian with PIXEL image available from Downloads. With any major release of the OS, we usually find a few small bugs and other issues as soon as the wider community start using it, and so we gather up the fixes and produce a 1.1 release a few weeks later. We don’t make a fuss about these bug fix releases, as there’s no new functionality; these are just fixes to make things work as originally intended.

However, in this case, we’ve made a couple of important changes. They won’t be noticed by many users, but to those who do notice them and who will be affected by them, we should explain ourselves!


There is one more option we found. Lakka is now included in the available downloads section. It is a retro games emulator.

We haven’t tried it yet but will soon.

We found this article on Lakka written on the


Download the newest version and more from the official website here